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Frit Testers Wanted!

So much frit, so little time…and Frit Heaven needs your help!

We’re looking for a few frit testers to help us evaluate potential new blends and test some existing blends. This is an unpaid position, but there are a few artist perks as a thank you!

The details:

- We send 3-5 jars to you of either existing blends, new blends…or both!

- You create sample beads using the same process we use for all our beads.

- You create sample beads featuring your own process.

- You photograph the results and email them to us, along with a description of your own bead process and any notes you have regarding the blends you tested.

- You keep any leftover frit for your own use.

- If we use any of your images on our website, we will give you artistic credit - name & store.

- Repeat! This will be an ongoing position, as needed.


Interested? Please email us at and include the following:

- Your name, email and website

- Photos of your latest beadwork

- Experience level - novice, intermediate, advanced

- Frit preference COE - 33 or 96

- Base glass COE you usually work with

- Torch type that you use in your studio

We really appreciate your interest in being a Frit Heaven tester and can’t wait to have you onboard!

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