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Frequently asked questions

What are your frit blend sizes?
The blends come in jars, measured roughly by volume, not weight. Our sizes are:
Sizes include:
Mini - approximately 1 oz
Small - approximately 2 oz
Large - approximately 3.5 oz
Do you offer product samples?
No, we don’t offer samplers, but our new Mini size is close!
What’s the difference between the 33 COE Boro and 96 COE blends?
Borosilicate glass (Boro for short) is known as “hard glass.” The lower 33 COE means that your finished glass art will be more resistant to thermal shock and breakage. Boro glass can also change colors in different types of flames.

96 COE glass gets softer as it gets hotter and has a longer working range, making it ideal for novices. Expect more consistent and predictable results when using this COE frit blend, especially with Uroboros COE 96. It’s also a bit more forgiving when you use it sparingly with different COE glass, such as Moretti COE 104 or Bullseye COE 90.
How did you create the beads seen on your website?
For more information, please see the Frit Heaven Glass 101 and Tools of the Trade pages for a brief description of the bead process and our favorite flameworking tools.
Why does some of my frit still have the old Dragonfly Glassworx name on the label?
Excess inventory from the previous owner! Almost all of it was finished product, and she had already transferred it to the pre-labeled jars. Slowly but surely, the new inventory will have the Frit Heaven name and website on the labels.
Have you changed any of the old Dragonfly Glassworx blends?
No, the current Frit Heaven blends are made from the same tried-and-true recipes you loved from Dragonfly Glassworx.
How long will it take to receive my order?
It depends on the volume of incoming orders. We usually ship within 24-48 hours from our Burlington, MA location via USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate. Once shipped, your order should arrive within 3 business days.
I have a problem with my order. How do I contact you?
Please send an email to or call us at 508-289-1726. Either way, you’ll hear back from Lori or another member of our Customer Service team within 24 hours.