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Frit Heaven


The original premium glass frit blends you know and love, now available exclusively at Frit Heaven. Experienced glass artists, well-versed in color harmony and theory, created these gorgeous furnace glass and borosilicate blends. They tested the blends in their own work over many years to refine color combinations and ensure consistent, glass compatible results.

These frit blends are so “fret-free” that even beginner level lampworkers can achieve beautiful beads. But if you’re an expert glass artist, there’s no limit to what you’ll be able to create with your torch!

The Glass

Our Frit Heaven blends are available in two different coefficiencies - 33 COE Boro and 96 COE. You can pair these blends freely with other glass of the same COE. Check out our Glass 101 page for more information on working with our blends.


The more, the merrier! Please check out our FAQ or email us with your feedback:

Our community would love to see what you’ve created using our Frit Heaven glass frit blends! You can also share photos of your work via email. When you do, please include a link to your website or Etsy store - we’d love to highlight you as part of our Frit Heaven Artist Creations series.

Thanks for visiting Frit Heaven - looking forward to getting to know you!
Lori Gallo